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What We Do When We Do Not Know What To Do

Olaitan Omokehinde
November 6, 2019

At the age of 10, I wanted to become a doctor. Fascinated by the long white coat and stethoscope hung around the neck, I had carefully mapped out my life so as to achieve this dream. I was trying very hard to force my brain to fall in love with everything related to science  and spending hours imagining what it would be like to walk down a hallway and announce to my patient’s family members that their loved one was now in good health, or as doctors put it, in a stable condition.

Today, I am looking to major in public relations and advertising while also working part time as a writer, a career path that has absolutely nothing to do with medicine or any of the sciences. My mother makes subtle jokes about how none of her children could study medicine. In her opinion, we opted for easier career paths. I wouldn’t call these paths easier, cause in truth nothing is easy. I think they are just dear to our hearts and you know what they say about the heart wanting what it wants.

There are days when the world seems perfect and plans move in perfect motion, just like our earth revolves around the sun. And then there are other days when perfection seems like a distant memory and plans come to a standstill.  On these days motives are questioned and reasons are doubted.

When this standstill occurs, it brings with it a storm of emotions that can either overcome or be overcame. On these days, what we do is ‘nothing’
The world is of the opinion that learning to dance in the rain is the best way to weather the storm. I think dancing in the rain only gives you a terrible cold. When your standstill arrives, let it take it’s place, don’t fight it, don’t struggle. Rather, trust your heart and let it lead you because your guts are rarely ever wrong.


Life is rarely ever about the big decisions we make when all other things fail.
 It’s about the small, seemingly insignificant decisions that we make,
cause the small ones add up to the
                           big ones.

 The human mind is known for its many tricks and games. One minute you’re floating in between the clouds and the next, you’re crashing with a big bang! As terrible as these bangs are, they cannot be avoided. When your bang occurs and you feel survival is impossible remember, that as humans we possess more strength than we could ever imagine.Our ability to face turbulence, our ability to love, our ability to give life and our ability to live life.

So the next time you’re at crossroads concerning life choices or career paths, sit quietly and listen to your heart. Pile up your little decisions and let them add up to big ones and remember your guts never lie.

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O. Omokehinde
  1. Fear of the unknown,Yah guide us the more always

  2. Great

  3. The simplicity of the language and smooth flow of thoughts make a subject, which could easily be boring, an interesting read. Good job babes!!!

  4. So many times I doubted myself , I avoided a lot of things , just because I'm scared of the unknown . Time to ride the clouds dear Kenny . Thanks for this

  5. Beautiful! Life really is about the small things!

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