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Did You Think The World Would Stop?

Olaitan Omokehinde
March 9, 2020

Did you think the world would stop?

When that loved one died
When you failed that exam
When that business crashed
When what you called home collapsed or was gutted by fire
Did you think the world would stop?
Perhaps you wished there would be a pause, an opportunity to travel back in time, to do things differently. To live again, to feel again.

Many times we overestimate our relevance in the universe. Thinking earths rotation around the sun would hit a pause simply because the grief in our heart has struck a chord and there is a pause in our pulse. Grief might rock your world but it certainly cannot pause the earth.

Just think about it, the events of the past few weeks. From Kobe’s death to the rapid spread of the corona virus to infernos and automobile accidents here and there. Constant reminders of our mortality. Mortality with doses of imperfection. These events, tragic as they may be, the world will move past them.

Many times we are afraid to live, to be our truest selves, to experience life at its peak, to love and dream, to aim and attain. Life, however doesn’t care about our fears. It keeps moving, it never stops and never will. There are times when our tragedies engulf us,  times when our constant wish would be for the sun to crawl into a shell and for an eclipse to occur. We know however, that such wishes do not come true. Perhaps the predictability of it all is what hurts the most, knowing fully well that your loved one is gone; pain gripping at your chest but the world will not stop for you to mourn. Putting all your resources in that business and watching it burn before your eyes; your pain, sweat and hardwork melting away into ashes but the world will not stop for you to grip yourself together. Watching home crumble into tiny pieces; decade long memories crashing into the ground; but the world will not stop! Not for a minute! Not for a second!

So tell me, what other option do we have, other than to live each day fully present, conscious and well aware. Well aware of all the love around us, the ones we give and the ones we receive. Well aware of the height of our capabilities. Erasing all doubt and leaping forward to take risks, to take action. Each day as we gently tend to our fears like one tends to a wound we shouldn’t forget that our mortality is ever present,  clinging unto us like a newborn to its mother.
So make sure you live, love, achieve all you set your heart upon and don’t forget to breathe. Because tomorrow was never promised!

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O. Omokehinde
  1. you challenge me

  2. Good read👏👏

  3. Beautiful; words pieced together with such perfection

  4. Nice and Beautiful Write-up

  5. Deep!!!

  6. Thoughts to think about over and over.

  7. Right! No matter the weight of the tragedy, life indeed goes on.
    Thought provoking!

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