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There Is Love At Home

Often in our lives, we tend to look out the window in search of things that are inside, right there within our grasp.

We are constantly reaching out to cultivate friendships to fill empty spaces inside of us. Friendships that are better left uncultivated, untouched.Β  We plague ourselves with imaginary loneliness, belly filled with the thought that we must be surrounded by multiple people to achieve a life fully lived.

And although we cannot underestimate the importance of friendship, companionship and community, never forget that all the affection you seek to receive, you are also capable of giving.

Giving yourself

So stop waiting, expecting and hoping, when in reality, everything we could ever hope for is already ours.

During our wait, life will move past us like an overspeeding vehicle, we will not get it back cause no one gets back lost time.

And we might wake up one morning to the sudden realisation that all the love in the world but nothing quite compares to the love you are capable of giving yourself. Almost like an epiphany, it might come too late or it might come early enough.

Either way, lessons will be learnt.

So what do we do?

Shut the windows

Shut the doors

Welcome home

There is more than enough love here.


O. Omokehinde


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