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I Am Not Yours To Own

We like to lay claim to the people in our lives, making plans and including them like we are sure they will always be there, always be with us, always be ours.

I believe we should think of people as winds, moving from one point to the other, never settling, never belonging.

Some persons come into our lives, play their required roles like actors in a stage play and when it is time, they leave. Some leave to return, others leave to never return. The only constant in this unpredictable life of ours is that we will keep moving, keep changing, keep growing. Even when those whom we thought we couldn’t live without leave us.

Love is a gift, wrapped up carefully with a bow. But unlike many other gifts; it ups and leaves when the time is right. So to mourn the loss of love means that we were lucky enough to have experienced it in the first place, lucky enough to have felt it.

For truly, can we say we have lived if we haven’t loved? And can we say we have loved if we haven’t lost?
It is time you learnt to stop holding onto things that no longer serve you, holding onto people whose purpose in your life has been fulfilled.

So when our gifts in human form decide to get up and go, let them go.
In simpler terms; nobody belongs to you.
And when it is time for you to leave, strap your baggage to your back and keep moving.

None of us is a stranger to the pain that accompanies lost love, lost friendship. We have felt its claws, we are familiar with its presence. The gentility with which it creeps up on you, the strangling force with which it grips you.
Let it go, let it pass.

No one is yours to own
No one is yours to hold
Neither are you theirs to own or hold

May time and tide be in your favour through this battle of losing and gaining love.

O. Omokehinde


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