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A Control Freaks Guide To Living In A Time Of Turbulence

Olaitan Omokehinde
December 6, 2020
I like being in control, holding the reins, deciding what happens now and what happens next. But there are times when reins do not want to be held and decisions do not want to be made because life likes to teach a lesson in humility, show you who’s boss and remind you of your mortality and the seeming helplessness that accompanies it.

When there is a shift in the paradigm, a shift we all expected but still did not want because it takes away control from our hands and leaves the future unpredictable. We panic, run into a frenzy and matters move from bad to worse. What I have learnt is that most times the most important thing to do is to simply do nothing, it is also the most difficult thing to do. Because we control freaks imagine ourselves to be demigods but what we fail to remember is that even when the kingdom is in ruins, a king is still king, even when their wings are broken, angels can still fly and even in defeat gods are still gods. So even when we lose control it doesn’t make us less of who we already are, we are still our true selves, we just need to learn how to navigate a different terrain.

There’s a borderline question that I think about often. Was there ever a time when we had control of our lives? Full control. Or do we just find comfort in deceiving ourselves into thinking we had control? Think about it, what’s the possibility that you would return home safe and sound after a long day at work? How sure are you that your five-year plan would come to fruition even if you put in your very best? We can never know.

The truth? We were never in control and most likely will never be. The very least we could do is to plan but plans get disrupted. And when this disruption occurs, we learn to take full control of the things within our power and let go of things we cannot control.

I like the rain, the cold that accompanies it. I like its sharp piercings into the skin and the shivers that it brings, like an uninvited, yet welcome guest but I do not like wet streets, the sight of water on the floor is not pleasing to my eyes. So I am learning to enjoy the things I like and ignore the things that are out of my control, like wet streets and crowded spaces, or even worse, a raging pandemic.

There is no denial of the fact that we have all been dealing with a lot, from loss of friends and family to loss of businesses and homes. We’ve had control of our lives snatched from us and now all we can do is hope that we recover our losses and go back to making our own decisions and holding our reins once more. 

We are living, loving and receiving love like we do not have a virus in our midst because numbers are just statistics until it hits close to home.

Perhaps when the plague is over, we shall have a feast, but until then enjoy whatever harsh weather December has to offer.

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O. Omokehinde
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